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Kurt Wagner

First Post: Project Bayville

First, Everyone welcome to RPG Review~

I'm The Other Mod, fuzzybluelogic. becky_h is the Cool One. I'm the side-kick. *assumes Heavy Action pose*

And here's the First Review. Enjoy!


Game Name: Project Bayville
Genre: X-Men: Evolution
Rating: NC-17
Format: Message Board (Ezboard)

What I liked:

First of all, PB is serious. Organized, structured, and polished. It's been going strong for over a year. It's a Canon Only Game...no OCs, and only a few characters are opened up for apping at a time. The writers are INCREDIBLE. Freakishly talented, the whole stinkin' lot. Everything is very well defined. The Mods (three, I believe) are all easily reached. If you want a clean, structured, fast paced, well-run X-Men Evo game with really good writers, then check this place out.

Things I didn't like: Holy God, is it slow. I don't mean the players, they write lightening fast, threads all over the place...the Game Time is slow. Each day is divided into three parts: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, and each part takes two weeks Real Time. And Time is strictly enforced. Most people don't mind and get plenty of RPing done, it's just not my cuppa. Other thing I didn't care for isn't its fault. X-Men Evo isn't my choice of X-Verse. That's it.

Check 'em out.

(No I don't play there)
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