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Reviews of on-line RPGs' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Reviews of on-line RPGs

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[19 Aug 2005|03:08am]

Game Name: Valimar
Rating: NC-45 (Beyond adult)
Format: Journal

What I like: The players are an incredible group of very nice people. They're friendly, open, welcoming and accomodating. They don't bubble off, something rare in sex based games, and it was never hard to get play for anyone the least bit interested in getting it. There's no rigid posting requirements which makes it easier for people with scheduling difficulties or limited time to participate. The concept is interesting, the universe is well fleshed out, and the mods are always willing to let people control their own characters and plot. The mod worked hard to avoid conflict and drama, and to let people have freedom to express themselves.

What I didn't like: This is another game I shouldnt' have joined. For one I'm not a huge fan of either sex, or Real-People games. That admitted there were some problems. The concept was interesting, but the scope of allowed play was too limited to allow for proper plot. To get all that play, you needed to be where most of the activity was occuring. Which meant a lot of sex, random sex, but very little consistant interaction and plot. That's fun for a while, but ultimately can become frustrating.

The lack of posting requirements while good for letting people play at will, also added to the problem with plot. It is very hard to plot with someone who may disappear at any give time. The game also had a hugely high turn over rate because it was so dark. Characters moved in and out and switched hands, and often had their histories rewritten too often for my personal comfort.

The universe was fleshed out by the freeform nature was so freeform that there were contradictions from log to log that made it very hard to know the universe that you were playing in. It contradicted itself and at times realism, any sort of realism, went to hell in the wake of two or three logs that assumed things about the universe, or moved NPCs, or equipment or technology.

The mod worked amazingly hard and was an incredibly nice person. However wanting everyone happy tends to ultimately bite the players on the ass, as there was rarely a kick out of problem players, or enforcement of rules or adherence to the universe. Rules changed, *way* too frequently to accomodate people and 'special circumstances'. And as you might imagine any tight knit group of friends writing in a dark universe with a real lack of structure- drama was common. The lack of a real application process also meant that while there were amazing writers, there were some who were not so great, by anyone's definition.

In short? Good concept, good people, poor execution. If you're looking for a place to RP smut, it's not bad, but if you're looking for character development or plot, my recommendation is pretty much to proceed with extreme caution.
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[19 Aug 2005|02:50am]

Game Name: X-Genesis
Genre: X-Men
Rating: NC-17
Format: Message Board (Ezboard)

What I liked: The moderators are awesome. They work really hard to make sure that the players and characters who are applying are literate, have decent spelling and grammar, and that they know their character's canon. They do an incredible job of weeding out twinks, Mary-sues, and godmodders, and the result is a high-quality game with focus on good writing and story-lines. The players themselves are excellent, friendly, and talented. It's a good game.

Things I didn't like: I suck at board games. The format confuses me, and I also have a hard time playing anywhere that's not essentially real time. I have *real* issues figuring out what is going on when and with who. Which means joining this game to begin with was probably a mistake for me. I was lured by awesome mods and players. More specifically the only issue I think I would present is that I don't quite interpert canon the same way as the mods, specifically relating to power-levels and it was a bit awkward for me to play.

Overall? It's a great game, and there's very little 'suck' there that wasn't weeded out by wonderful mods who were more than willing to help my slow ass out. It's just not the game for me, largely because of the format.
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First Post: Project Bayville [19 Aug 2005|01:42am]

First, Everyone welcome to RPG Review~

I'm The Other Mod, fuzzybluelogic. becky_h is the Cool One. I'm the side-kick. *assumes Heavy Action pose*

And here's the First Review. Enjoy!


Game Name: Project Bayville
Genre: X-Men: Evolution
Rating: NC-17
Format: Message Board (Ezboard)

What I liked:

First of all, PB is serious. Organized, structured, and polished. It's been going strong for over a year. It's a Canon Only Game...no OCs, and only a few characters are opened up for apping at a time. The writers are INCREDIBLE. Freakishly talented, the whole stinkin' lot. Everything is very well defined. The Mods (three, I believe) are all easily reached. If you want a clean, structured, fast paced, well-run X-Men Evo game with really good writers, then check this place out.

Things I didn't like: Holy God, is it slow. I don't mean the players, they write lightening fast, threads all over the place...the Game Time is slow. Each day is divided into three parts: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, and each part takes two weeks Real Time. And Time is strictly enforced. Most people don't mind and get plenty of RPing done, it's just not my cuppa. Other thing I didn't care for isn't its fault. X-Men Evo isn't my choice of X-Verse. That's it.

Check 'em out.

(No I don't play there)
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